Virtual Program for Third Grades 

 Tales from Around the World

Virtual storytelling shows third graders what is unique about varied countries and cultures. Stories create a picture of landscapes, animals, foods, and what people values. Third graders listen, interact and learn from tales told from around the world. 

- Want tales from China, Japan, Brazil, Peru, Poland, Ireland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Kenya, Canada, Russia, Egypt, Denmark, Iran? 

What country or culture will your students like? Ask, I’ll have a tale!


How it Works

Live Online performance of four different tales. 45-50 minutes

Activity video - A how to write a tale from a different land -10 minutes

Online Class Workshops - Students getting guided to write a tale from a different land. 40 minutes. 

Follow-Up Activity


Set a story in a new place. 

Students will learn to take a tale they know from one country and set it in a different one.  Finding new animals, plants, customs, and people they’ll set the story in a new land and learn to retell it. 

Sample Stories –


"The Stone Cutter" from Japan.


A circle story where a hot tired stonecutter wishes to be the mighty sun. a cloud blocks the sun the stonecutter wishes to be the cloud. The wind blows the cloud and the wish is to be the wind. Then change into a mountain and at last back to the one mighty enough to bring down mountains.  

Students retell or draw this story set in a different country or culture they have explored. 

"Three Children, One Dragon"- China. A tale showing the value of sharing. 

Students share stories of when they shared.

Monkey & Shark - India. Shark wants Monkey's heart!  Cleverness counts, but getting along does all the more. 

Students create ways to outwit shark!

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