$400  For one assembly performance, up to 175 students                    

$250 For each additional show up to three a day


Imagine, a colorful kindly piped piper arrives in school. Taking the stage with a “talking stick,” a curious array costumes, he seeks stories in the air.  Instantly children join in catching tales, “tossing” them into their storyteller’s heart.  “Tales are best told by heart.” He explains. 


 Ideal for elementary school children, Story Theater takes them deeper into folk and fairy tales.  Stepping into the story on stage, participating as an audience they experience more and better understand.  Jonathan tells and directs, gently guiding the children through each tale.  Occasionally, he transforms the audience transforms into the sun, trees,  thunder, or a roaring dragon.  Count on spontaneous surprises and magic moments with the children stepping into folk and fairy tales.   Every show comes with a common core based activity guide.  You can invite Jonathan to give story-making workshops with your class, using his “Ingredients for a Good Story.”

What Happens with Jonathan's Story Theater?

Using simple masks, caps, and colorful capes,  take parts in the tales. Six to eight  join Jonathan on stage to help tell the shows five or six folk and fairy tales.   There’s cat mask to help tell The Puss in Boots. It may take wings to perform the Magical Wonderful Bul-Bul Bird. Sometimes children don a dragon head, become troll, or even a two-headed ogre.  

Story Theater is best tailored for a grade level assembly.