Virtual Storytelling for Sixth Graders
  Mythology to Medieval Manors and Manners
Myths provide the monsters and magic sixth graders crave.  They'll get engrossed in ancient Egyptian animal-headed deities. Let them discover the secret of living forever with virtual Gilgamesh. Get them into wisdom stories from China and enlightening tales from India's Ganges River.  
Then, we sing to the online Muses for Greek Mythology! Athena to Zeus, Monsters like the Minotaur.  We'll create an online student made Pantheon. 
Ask for a program of myths found in the Percy Jackson series! 
The best way to experience my virtual Myth Program =
"Teaching by Tales - in Three Parts $475. 
~ An online performance for the whole grade of myths you help select. 
~ Up to five online class workshops with a Q & A with "Jonathan the     Bard," on what the myths mean. 
~ a short film made especially for your sixth graders on how to make up a god, goddess or monsters and write an adventure for them. 
Here is a sample from a Zoom session with a
sixth grade class in April 2020
on my Facebook page. 
Start at 3 minutes. 
My Virtual MYTH of the MONTH series
Starting November 2020.