Shakespeare is Elementary

It’s every student, fourth grade and up, learning to have fun performing a real, kid-friendly scene from Shakespeare during a three-day residency. 

A full voice, body, & hands-on introduction to Shakespeare, coached and encouraged by three Actor/Educators. 

In small groupings, students are coached and encouraged learning to read, interpret, perform and understand “the Bard,” in an introductory assembly. A culminating assembly highlights the experience, with one or two groups from each class sharing their scenes. 


Shakespeare is Elementary turns your classroom into a stage. Every student performs in an authenitc scene from Shakespeare


                                                               $3000  for this "all in" every does Shakespeare three day residency, with two to three actor/educators 


Professional actor/educators guide students to read, grasp and perform their scene for the class.  Students learn to work cooperatively.  They discover context clues, to grasp Shakespeare’s rich language. Coached and encouraged, they rise to meet the challenge of acting out a scene from Shakespeare.  Learning “all the world is a stage” now begins in the elementary school classroom.

Shakespeare is Elementary is an excellent program, introducing "the Bard" to a group of youngsters

who may not have had the experience to study and perform Shakespeare’s plays.  The Children love acting,

memorizing and interpreting the several other play scenes they are given. Wonderful! Creative! Stimulating!  

Nicole Federici, PQ fifth grade teacher- PQ Elementary School, North Salem NY  


“We’ve already booked you for next year!”

Dr. Ellen Raffman, Principal , Evans Park Elementary, Pearl River NY 


“Our school enjoys your Shakespeare program.  It does engage all the children!”

Stacey Flint, PTA Chair, New Paltz Middle School