Virtual Fairy Tales for Second Graders

Fairy tales; the heart of literature and literacy

Online Fairy Tale Workshops 


Classic fairy tales from Cinderella to The Snow Queen,

Anansi the Spider-Man to Puss in Boots

inspire not only movies

but can move children to listen and learn virtually. 

~Guided by their storyteller, children online will step into three tales.  ~They'll help act out each adventure.  

~Your second graders will discover the ingredients fairy tales making them an ideal source for films. 


  Second graders learn story-making with;  

“Five Steps to a Fine Fairy Tale.”


1) Once Upon a Time, there was a big problem.  

2) How to get your characters talking 

3) Take three steps to solve the problem 

4) How to make a Hero's journey

5) A magic helper brings a happy ending. 

 Inspired by the performance, they brainstorm ideas for writing their own tale. The online workshop shows children how to turn their idea into a fairy tale.


I know to tell children one hundred online fairy tales. 

Cinderella from China - the British Rumplestiltskin- Anansi out of Africa - The Russian Firebird -Rapunzel -Sleepy Beauty -Jack & the Beanstalk -The Elves and the Shoemaker - East of the Sun, West of the Moon - Hans Christian Andersen, The Brothers Grimm.  Ask for your favorites!  

Fairy Tale Film Sample. 

 - “The Froggy Prince" -


Free Fairy Tale Films for your class - click here.


Ask for your storyteller to make a fairy tale film for your class.