Book - Legends and Lore of the Hudson Highlands

Book - Legends and Lore of the Hudson Highlands


Fifty miles north of New York City arcs a majestic, mysterious branch of the Appalachian Mountains; the Hudson Highlands. Now a hikers mecca, these “endlessly rolling hills” inspired Revolutions for Independence and in Industry, Art and the Environment. The author Jonathan Kruk, is a master storyteller,  known for his thrilling solo show of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and for performances of Hudson River lore.  His new History Press book offers over seventy stories of the Highlands. 

The book gives historical anecdotes of the Great Chain that held together the new nation, the fall of West Point and Mad Anthony Waynes' surprise attack on Stony Point.  It tells the tale of George Washington making  spectacle of himself to prevent a military coup. 

The Highlands helped birth the a great changes in industry with the assembly line and steamboat. They inspired artists and musicians from Thomas Cole to Pete Seeger.  The effort to save the crown mountain Storm King lead literally to a landmark ruling by Supreme Court. 

These breath-taking mountains harbor a host of spirited souls. Kruk recounts tales of Native American Manitous, ship-sinking imps, and ghost-guarded treasures. Stories tell the feisty pioneer Madame Brett, the famed reclusive writing Warner sisters, the wizard of Oz and Babe Ruth.  Plus, there are many rarely told tales of the rivers creation by an ice giant, and the legend of a biblical fire salamander.  

The History Press book brims with unique images of this stunning region, with selections from local artists photographers and the area’s first serious hiker, the Tolkienesque William Thompson Howell. This book shows why Jonathan Kruk was deemed “Best Storyteller in the Hudson Valley.”