DVD - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a dramatic retelling by Jonathan Kruk

DVD - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a dramatic retelling by Jonathan Kruk


Master Storyteller, Jonathan Kruk, enlivens Washington Irving’s classic gothic tale with a rousing spirited solo performance.  In bespoke sartorial splendor, his poetic persona beguiles the audience with a myriad of visages, voices, sounds and gestures.  Jim Keyes, the musical director who accompanies Jonathan’s shows at the Old Dutch Church on its replica 17th-century pipe organ, scored the film.

Written in 1819, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow made Irving famous and continues to captivate audiences today.  This horror-romance tells of a Yankee schoolmaster infatuated with a Dutch heiress, chased off by a goblin known as the Headless Horseman.  True to the author’s original tale, the performance delivers drama, mystery and wit. 

The author of Legends and Lore of Sleepy Hollow and the Hudson Valley, Jonathan is renowned for dramatically retelling The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, countless times since 1996, selling out every October weekend for Historic Hudson Valley with his annual signature show. Kruk is also acclaimed for his solo show of A Christmas Carol.  With more than 500 shows a year, he regales all with programs such as Medieval Manors & Manners, Finger Fables, Mythology, Story Theater, Shakespeare is Elementary and Hudson River Lore to schools, libraries, historic sites and festivals. Jonathan Kruk was featured on ABC Good Morning America, CBS Sunday Morning News and History Channel. 

Filmed in Sleepy Hollow’s 1685 Old Dutch Church, the actual setting of Irving’s Legend, this iconic church is the oldest religious building in New York and one of the longest continuously active congregations in North America.  Nestled between the Sleepy Hollow cemetery, where Washington Irving rests, and the bridge of the Headless Horseman’s ride, the location provides a palpable ghostly presence.  

Produced and Directed by Andrea Sadler, Fox and Crow Productions

Duration: 1hr 11min DVD with Special Feature Interview with Jonathan