CD - The Rainbow Dragon

CD - The Rainbow Dragon


Inspired by dragon traditions and classic faerie tales, The Rainbow Dragon gives families four adventures, dramatically performed by master storyteller Jonathan Kruk. They show how inner goodness may overcome woe to create wonder.

The Rainbow Dragon is an original story by Jonathan Kruk that the whole family will love.

Born an army brat in El Paso Texas, raised in Katonah, Jonathan Kruk grew up on tall tales and day dreams. He began telling tales to soothe his rambunctious brother at bedtime. Now, he considers it a blessing to give hundreds of performances and workshops each year. Jonathan’s noted for engaging children with theatrical fairy tales, colonial history, and curricular based school performances. Varying his voice, he creates characters from ogres, to grandmothers and even fish! When Jonathan turns his hands into animals, children follow. His performances feature finger fables, Revolutionary heroes, galloping ghosts, medieval skits, talking trees, rainbow dragons, plus witches who knot their noses to stop them from running. 
Jonathan graduated from Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA with a degree in English, without career plans. Driving a Volkswagen beetle, he saw the USA. Then, he worked as a shoe clerk, camp counselor, mason tender, and as Henry Kissinger's office plant waterer. Following the muse, Kruk traveled to London studying educational drama, performed ritual theater with Gabrielle Roth, started his own horticulture business, and earned a Masters in Education at NYU in 1983. His first professional performance, Legends and Lore of the Little People at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, has been given every year since 1981. 
Jonathan’s performed for most of the school districts and major historic sites in metropolitan New York. He’s created programs for preschools, libraries, medieval fairs, and even a Madison Avenue Ad campaign. Kruk gave keynote performances for New York State Reading Association, Parents As Reading Partners, and the Native Plants Conference in PA. Jonathan emceed the Nassau Museum of Arts Culture Kids program, including the recent Red Grooms exhibit. He is Historic Hudson Valley’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow storyteller. 
He began his career as storyteller in residence for Freeport Schools, and The New Interdisciplinary Special Education Preschool, Medford on L.I. He became an artist educator in 1985 with the Westchester Arts Council, and 1986 with BOCES. Further, Jonathan’s performed at over 1000 children's birthday parties! 
The New York Times proclaimed Kruk as “Westchester’s intrepid storyteller” for all his varied appearances.


"Jonathan Kruk and The Rainbow Dragon are the antidotes to television. With fanciful imagery, entertaining voices, and thought-provoking themes, Kruk entices my five-year-old daughter to participate in his creativity. To be able to capture my daughter's attention with mere language (seasoned with rhyme and music in just the right places) is quite a feat in that he handily competes with television and computer games. I also appreciate the message of Kruk's dragon story: Challenge fear-based conventional wisdom! "Sebastian and I both love rainbows," my daughter told me, referring to the protagonist in the title story. "Do you, Daddy?" I tend to love anything my daughter loves and that includes Jonathan Kruk." Robert Markowitz


"My daughter loved this recording for years... although she insisted she would, she never fell asleep until it was over.  Nonetheless, she would listen to it, anticipating the story's every line and then settle down with satisfaction once finished. Jonathan Kruk's ability to change voices, create suspense and humor and downright silliness is catnip for children.
A great choice for a car ride (Kruk is too animated to lull the driver)." Pamela Cucinell


"Whack-a-do, whack-a-do, my kids love Jonathan's stories and songs. He's the only storyteller (or person for that matter) that captures their attention and imagination enough to make them stop and listen. I'm always amazed out how transfixed they become and how wide their eyes get upon hearing these great tales. What a treasure!" 

Larissa Killough