New York Lore


Students go on a tour in tales of New York. Selections follow the curriculum and your interests. ---

Native, Explorers, Colonial, Revolutionary, the Erie Canal, Universal Suffrage, the Environmental Movement and more.


Look forward to lively interactive stories, a skit, a song, turn & talk, and a Q & A. 



Ask for up to four in-class workshops

to follow up on the performances.  Students discover and learn to use primary sources from the stories performed to launch a writing activity. Ask for a persuasive letter, questions for a historic figure, or an "I was there eye witness" story-making. 



$450 For one assembly performance of about fifty minutes.  

$ 75 for each class workshops up to four a day 




 Jonathan Kruk turns New York’s history into stories for students. A master storyteller, selected “Best in the Hudson Valley,” author of two History Press books he performs fifty solo shows annually for Historic Hudson Valley’s “Irving’s Legend.”   Drawing from primary sources, Jonathan's programs enchants all with drama, skits, and voices from long ago.  Appearing in period garb, colonial to 19th century,  he tailors his work to your curriculum interests and locale.  Scroll down to see how “New York Lore” meets and exceeds state common core requirements.


New York’s unique history offers Native American wisdom, Dutch, British and French influence, and the “Turning Point of the American Revolution.” The “Empire State”  also launched revolutions in industry, art, human rights, and the environment.  A performance of New York’s stories makes memorable our state’s heritage and your social studies curriculum.  Ask to include local lore in the program.


These historic figures often appear in “New York’s  Lore;” Henry Hudson, Peter Stuyvesant, Anne Hutchinson, Mehitabel Prendergast, Alexander Hamilton, Robert Fulton, Washington Irving, Sybil Luddington, Sojourner Truth, the Roosevelts, Pete Seeger, Franny Reese. Ask for for a tale of your local hero! 

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