Medieval Manors & Manners Feast
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Now, "Jonathan the Troubadour" engages students virtually, with dramatic stories and skits from Medieval times. 



1 ) Tales from Jonathan the Troubadour on Tap

“Serf to Storyteller - a Feudal Tale” 
“Riddle of the Three Dolls - What is your answer?”  
“Poacher or Peasant?  Why is taking a wild deer a crime?”— 


Feasting Manners, Guilds, Knighting a Squire,

Catching a Unicorn

                   Two 45 minute curricular based films  $290.

2) Medieval Manors and Manners Live Online 


Contract for eight different sessions 
-  Brief email or call planning with Jonathan and teachers to gather topics

~ Students watch three pre-filmed stories; “Serf to Storyteller - a Feudal Tale” “Riddle of the Three Dolls - What is your answer?”  “Poacher or Peasant?  is taking a wild deer to feed a family a crime?”— 45 minutes

~ Schedule four live online interactive Skits Sessions - 30-40 min. each (password protected- filmed for later review for students & families only)

~ Schedule Live online workshops with each class - 40 minutes each “Ask your Troubadour Anything Medieval” Launch family medieval skit project.
~ Watch a filmed tutorial,  “How to get your family to do a Medieval Skit?”  15 minutes

~Assignment option. Each student creates and films for a 2-3 minute student film showing three things about life in the Middle Ages.  Based on the Skit Sessions, these Instagram-styled films may be shared with other school families but are not required to “go public.” 
~Wrap-up call or email to evaluate with teachers. 


$100 per class. covers all eight working contacts.

Eligible for BOCES aid.