Medieval Manors & Manners

  • A double period highly interactive performance program immerses students the Middle Ages with energetic storytelling, skits, vocabulary, manners, and a song. 

  • Students will help solve mystery tales. They'll  understand how the feudal system worked, learn about guilds, Knights, outlaws, feasts, nobles, serfs, franklins, marriage, pilgrims, alchemists, & how to catch a unicorn. 

  • Donning quick costumes, some students help act out troubadour guided skits, to show classmates life in the Middle Ages.  

  • Everyone practices feast table manners.  “Bloweth not upon thy soupe!

  • Everyone learns some 13th-century words. "Forsooth" "Fobbing puttock" !!!

  • All sing the chorus of that medieval hit,  “Sumer is Icumen in”   

  • A four-page student activity packet is provided.  Plus, a ten-page guide for teachers!

  • Everyone learns and has fun. 

Story Possibilities:


From Serf to Storyteller - a tale within a tale, dramatizing the route, a young serf "owning nothing more than the hunger is his belly"  took to become a master troubadour. Students experience feudalism, learn what makes  "Franklin," and "Villain." They see what the Lord of a Manor must do to protect serfs from "parcels of rogues."  They'll encounter Saint Vitus's dance and solve a riddle. 

The Three Dolls - Are they alike?  A young king’s head depends on the right answer!


The Poacher - a dilemma tale for students to solve.  Who took the baron’s deer & why?

Who is Mightiest? an ancient Russian fable of an arranged marriage turned around

The Loathly Lady -  a Chaucerian tale adapted for sixth graders with  a dramatic choice.

Gawain and The Green Knight -  a classic Arthurian legend of adventure and honesty.