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Dear Educators, Parents & Friends,


Once upon a time, we shared bonded and taught through storytelling.  Engaging and educating children full-time with stories has been my passion for over thirty years.  Now, with all things social postponed until the danger of catching Covid-19 subsides, I’m offering for your school community, live online well-told tales with curricular based learning activities.


I am prepared to help teachers meet educational goals with live online storytelling story-making. Based on successful programs given at hundreds of schools over the years, you can count on me for an enchanting educational storytelling experience.  


Ask for a program tailored to your students, interests, and curriculum.

Thank you, 

Jonathan Kruk







Online Fees  

~ $195. one 45 min Online live Performance,

   filmed exclusively for your school 

~ $60. Online class workshop

~ $475. Teaching by Tales 3 Part -

       For a 45 min online performance,

       10-15 min.follow-up activity film,

       4 online class workshops. 

      All Professionally shot and edited  

Please tell me your tale.  We will work out a worthy program for a fair fee. 

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"The Virtual
Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Live online performance
for your school, with
live music,
a story guide,
and a Q & A.

Teaching Through Virtual Storytelling  

A well-told tale online inspires. Make it interactive, create character voices, give some guidance, and children will better listen, write, imagine, and learn.  Storytelling promotes literacy, builds self-esteem, and is an ideal way to teach history. 

Count on my thirty years of experience, as an artist educator and a heart full of stories, to educate with online curricular-based programs. Share your interests. I’ve got the story and activity to engage your students.




1) Online Class Performance / Workshop 

 ~Three enchanting interactive stories,

meeting literacy, social studies, & language arts standards.

~Students actively listen, react, and retell 

~ Launch of the writing activity you approve.

~ An online story guide provided.



2) Teaching by Tales in Three Parts.

~ A live online 30-45 minute show 

~ A 10-15-minute learning activity film 

~ A 30 minute live online workshop with each class.



3) Treasure Trove of Tales -

Stories on Demand

   ~ Dramatic story films to engage your students in a 45-minute interactive virtual show. 

                  ~ Filmed professionally and edited

              in my studio or on location.  

            $50. - $500.


            Teaching by Tales Virtually -

Live Online Storytelling Programs

    Ready for grades Pre-k to Middle School

~ Finger Fables - Pre- K - 2 

A “hands-on” storytelling experience encouraging children to actively listen. Students turn their fingers and faces into story characters to help tell the fables from Aesop to Anansi.  This kinetic connection increases comprehension. They retell and launch into creative writing.

Finger Fables Online Video


~ Fairy Tales Found in Films - Grades 2-5 

From The Snow Queen to Cinderella, Puss in Boots to Spiderman students discover how fairy tales make for great films.  They’ll step into a silver slipper or a seven-league boot to take part in each story told.  They’ll get a list of Ingredients for a Grand Fairy Tale to start writing their tale. Live online music! 


Puss in Boots Online Video @ 1:37"

~ New York Lore - Grades 4-7 

Tales of Henry Hudson, Native, Colonial and Revolutionary times in old New York. Hudson River Creation Myth, Peter Stuyvesant, Sybil Ludington, How Washington’s Spectacles Won the War

A Revolutionary Tale https://youtu.be/fZp7Cc4EkUM


~ The Pantheon, Prometheus & Percy Jackson - Greek Mythology grades 4-8

Students create online a Pantheon by becoming a Mount Olympus deity.  Jonathan the virtual Bard takes them on a mythic journey to meet Athena to Zeus.  Ask for the myths found in Percy Jackson or the popular Making Monster Myths.


Student Pantheon - https://youtu.be/StKore_GUBY


~ Medieval Manors & Manners,

Virtually Grades 6-12

Jonathan the Troubadour tells the tale of Feudalism, and gets students to cast their families in skits on knighting, feasting, guilds, Crusades, unicorns +


A two-minute video on online Medieval school program https://youtu.be/LXHZ_oxHqnM

Teaching by Tales -

Grade by Grade Online Outline 


Kindergarten – Finger Fables 

First Grade - Sequence Stories

Second Grade – Fairy Tale Workshop 

 Third Grade –  Tales from Around the World

Fourth Grade

Native, Colonial, Revolutionary, and Suffrage Stories 

Fifth Grade - Tales of the Americas

Sixth Grade - Ancient Myths to Medieval

Seventh Grade - Revolutionary New York



Teachers and students will receive information on the story and activity.  This may be illustrations, story-making guides, primary source material, and a written assignment. 

Filmed and broadcast from the 1685



~ Mr. John Pastore Fourth Grade Teacher Crompond Elementary School, NY jpastore@yorktown.org             


~ Dr. Stephanie Turiselli, Sixth Grade Teacher Tuckahoe Middle School, NY tursellis@tuckahoeschools.org 


~Ms. Shantala DuGay ~ PTA Rep. Meadow Pond School, S.Salem, NY shantala.dugay@gmail.com 


  See a sample "The Snowy Squirrel"
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