Dear Educators, Parents & Friends,


Once upon a time, we shared bonded and taught through storytelling.  Engaging and educating children full-time with stories has been my passion for over thirty years.  Now, with all things social postponed until the danger of catching Covid-19 subsides, I’m offering for your school community, live online well-told tales with curricular based learning activities.


I am prepared to help teachers meet educational goals with live online storytelling story-making. Based on successful programs given at hundreds of schools over the years, please join us on ZOOM for an enchanting educational storytelling experience.  Ask for a program tailored to your students, interests, and curriculum.











Online Fees:  

~ $195. one 45 min Online live Performance,

   filmed exclusively for your school 

~ $60. for an online class workshop on your platform

~ $290. For a forty-minute professionally shot and edited  Teaching by Tales story/activity video on your theme.


Click here or on the image for a sample.










Please tell me your tale.  We will work out a worthy program for a fair fee. 

Statue of Sybil Ludington, Carmel NY



Got Covid cooped up kids and lots of content to cover? Count on an experienced artist-educator to engage your students with online curricular-based storytelling. Share your needs. Promote literacy. I’ve got stories and activities for your students.


How “Teaching by Tales Online” Works


Please contact me with your grade, current curriculum,

and the topic you'd like. I'll tailor a live online performance/workshop for your class or grade. 

Zoom, Google - You choose the platform. 



1) Online Performance / Workshop 

A couple of well-told interactive stories, meeting, literacy, social studies and language arts standards

Students actively, listen, react, and retell 

Launch of the writing activity you approve.

An online student guide is provided.


2) Teaching by Tales in Three Parts.

A live online 30-45 minute show 

A 15-minute instructional activity film 

A 30 minute live online workshop with each class.


3) Treasure Trove of Tales - Stories on Demand

  Three dramatic interactive stories engage your students in a 45-minute interactive virtual show. Filmed professionally and edited in my home studio or on location.  

Count on me to select engaging stories on your topic, meeting literacy and social studies core standards. 

  • Students receive an online guide, to help them respond; discussion, retelling, drawing, writing, or a skit.

  • They share favorite parts, make up new outcomes, during  “turn and talks” in breakout rooms or chats.

  • A unique instructional film will be made for students to view right after the performance explaining a learning activity they’ll do. 

  • Each class gets an interactive live online story-making workshop to help students do their own follow-up activity. 



Teaching by Tales -


Grade by Grade Online Outline 


Kindergarten – Finger Fables 

A “hands-on” storytelling experience encouraging children to listen, comprehend, retell, and to begin writing. They turn their fingers and faces into story characters helping to tell the fables. This kinetic connection increases understanding and fun. 

Follow-Up Activities- 

Children are guided in an online class workshop to draw Beginning/End pictures.

Or do a New Ending Drawing - they make up a way to “Wake Up Sun.” (see below)


Story Samples –

"Rabbit & Turtle" - Aesop’s classic.

Children’s hands turned into the characters, to better follow this fabled race. They recall what happened drawing their own “Beginning and End” pictures with word bubbles. 


“Wake Up the Sun”

A clock tries to wake the sun.  She gets help from the thunder and the moon. Children must draw a picture with words showing how they will wake the sun.  


Ask for your favorite Aesop Fable, or go with “The Ginger Bread Man” "Barkface & Rootnose” “Big Fish Small Pond” “Runaway Bunny,” and more.  



First Grade – Sequence Stories 


Highly interactive fables and short folk tales told with student’s help. 


Follow-Up Activity-

Sequence drawings with sentences - 

Children in the online workshop learn to sequence a story. They must plan their series of pictures and write describing sentences. 


Story Samples


“Snowy Squirrel" - A Squirrel looks to find a place to shelter-in during a snow storm. The birds, raccoon and bear have nothing to offer.  Guess who helps? Children draw and then make their own “Squirrel nest.”


– A variation of Aesop’s “Mouse & Lion” 


Mouse goes against animal peers and helps Lion, twice. Lion and children discover, “You are never too small to help.”  Children get to help tell and better remember the story by being guided to turn their hands into story characters. 


They’ll learn to sequence the fable in four drawings beginning, middle, and end with a describing sentence for each picture.



Have a favorite tale or topic you’d like your class to hear? Please Ask! 



Second Grade – Fairy Tale Workshop 

 Live online Classic fairy tales from Cinderella to The Snow Queen, Anansi the Spider-Man to  Puss in Boots inspire not only movies but move children to listen. Guided by their storyteller children at home will freely step into each tale to act out the adventure.  Your storyteller offers one hundred different fairy tales. 

Follow-Up Activity - 

Ingredients for a Fine Fairy Tale   

  • Teachers and children receive a guide “Five Steps to a Fine Fairy Tale.” 

  • Inspired by the performance, they brainstorm ideas for writing their own tale.

  • The online workshop shows children how to turn their idea into a fairy tale.


Story Sample

 - “The Froggy Prince" -


The classic adapted from Charles Perrault gives the “ingredients for a fine fairy tale.”  

A big problem - characters talking - royalty - three steps to solve the problem - 

A magic helper, and a happy ending. 

Following the kiss breaking the spell, children will be guided to write their fairy tale “prequel.”  Why did the young man gets turned into a frog?




Third Grade –  Tales from Around the World

- China, Japan, Brazil, Peru, Poland, Ireland, Germany, India, Indonesia?  What country will your students like? 

Ask for a country, I’ll have a tale!

Follow-Up Activity —


Set a story in a new place. 

Students will learn to take a tale they know from one country in a different one.  Finding new animals, plants, customs, and people they’ll set the story in a new land and learn to retell it. 

Sample Story –


"The Stone Cutter" from Japan.


A circle story where a hot tired stonecutter wishes to be the mighty sun. Discover a cloud blocks the sun the stonecutter wishes to be the cloud. The wind blows the cloud and the wish is to be the wind. Then change into a mountain and at last back to the one mighty enough to bring down mountains.  

Students retell or draw this story set in a different country or culture they have explored. 


Fourth Grade –

Native, Colonial, Revolutionary, and Suffrage Stories 


Follow-Up Activity -

In Online workshops, Students will learn to retell a story from the social studies curriculum for another point of view. 

Or, they will learn to write a persuasive letter to some one appearing in one of the historic fiction stories they will watch.

New York Sample Story Options – 

+ Sybil’s Revered Ride” - 

The story of the New York teen who out rode Paul Revere

+ “Mahicanituck” - A Native creation myth of the Hudson River.

  • “Henry’s River of Mountains” - Gleaned from his first mate’s journal, the story of Henry Hudson’s river trek in September of 1609


+"A Pox Upon Us!" – What George Washington sis to deal with smallpox to help us today. Washington had the pox. Many camped in the Hudson Valley during the Revolution perished from smallpox. -What did George do? 

“Suffrages Susan B & Elizabeth”  how two women worked for decades to get the vote. 


Ask for stories of Colonial Day-in-the-Life, Hudson River Lore, The Revolution in NY, The Underground Railroad in NY


Fifth Grade – Tales of the Americas

- Four short stories from different cultures in North America.  Mexico, Quebec, Brazil, The Andes, & NY

A filmed version of this show will be available in September.   


Follow-Up Activity - Retell one of the stories from a different point of view.

Sample Video - A performance for fifth graders and families made for the Tompkins Corners Cultural Center. 


Sixth Grade – Greek Myth – 

Follow - up Activity - Online Myth-Making workshops with each class.

We begin online with a “student pantheon.” Fifteen students get a Deity Card with a god or goddess.  They give a dramatic reading of a brief description of their deity.  We guess who they are.

Then, your “virtual bard”. tells a few grand myths.  Selections span from Athena to Zeus, Monsters and the Minotaur. Make your requests! 


Medieval Manners & Manors - Please watch this two minute video for a description of the engaging live online program.



Seventh Grade – American Revolution, The Constitution


Sample Story Options –

Sybil’s Revered Ride – The story of the teen from Dutchess County who outrode Paul Revere. Students will write a letter from another character’s point of view to show how they felt about Sybil’s Ride. George Washington on the Hudson Stories - George’s Smallpox Pandemic, Washington’s Watch Chain - Washington Saves the Nation Wearing Glasses 


Students aided by their storyteller and a partner will make am “Instagram style” film to teach others three things about one of the Washington Storie"Ratifying with Hamilton" – The New York State Governor, Assembly and Senate all opposed ratifying the Constitution of the United States.  How Alexander Hamilton changed their minds. We will launch in the online workshop a first-person letter showing what Hamilton said to change minds.




~ Mr. John Pastore Fourth Grade Teacher Crompond Elementary School, NY             


~ Dr. Stephanie Turiselli, Sixth Grade Teacher Tuckahoe Middle School, NY 


~Ms. Shantala DuGay ~ PTA Rep. Meadow Pond School, S.Salem, NY 


Teachers and students will receive

information on the story and

activity.  This may be illustrations,

story-making guides, primary

source material, and a written assignment. 















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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
A POX UPON US! 1776!
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