Live Online Storytelling Performances  

Finger Fables 

Young children and their families turn their hands, faces, bodies, and voices into story characters from Aesop to Anansi.

Stand Up Stories 

Elementary school children, step into fairy tale adventures from Cinderella, to the Snow Queen, Animals  & Dragon Tails.  They watch on their feet and help act out the stories.

Haunted History -

Do ghosts return with messages of our historic past?  Find out! A story from your locale.

The Lore of the Hudson


Book Talks with Tales - 












Legends and Lore of Sleepy Hollow

Legends and Lore of the Hudson Highlands

FEES (Flexible)

One Online Live Show,  Film to Share

45 minutes  

$175. add $50. for live music


Fairy Tale Films -

Ask to have Jonathan perform a story in a forest, filmed by professional filmmaker Andrea Sadler.  Interactive tales from Aesop, Andersen, Grimm, Tall Tales, Hudson River, and more. 

$200. for your exclusive use.


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Libraries need  interactive programs to engage patrons during these “viral times.”  Master Storyteller Jonathan Kruk, tailors tales for online and virtual events.  

Known for solo shows of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and  “A Christmas Carol” Mr. Kruk has been featured on The Today Show, The Travel Channel, CBS Sunday Morning, the BBC, and WAMC. Selected “Best Storyteller” by Hudson Valley Magazine, he has eight award-winning records and two books on Hudson River lore. Count on Jonathan, with thirty years, experience performing full time to engage and enchant all for your library.






Please let me know your library’s circumstances and interests.  I will tailor a program to meet your needs and budget during the pandemic. 

Ask for a Free Storytime for families with young children presented live on your Facebook page.       Thank you! - 

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