Renowned for solo shows of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," 

get this master storyteller at his Halloween best performing,

"Spooky (but not too) Scary Stories" for children.  Jonathan delivers just the right “witch’s brew” of thrills, leaps and laughs with spooky, (but not too scary) stories. Fun over frights!

 Live Online Halloween for Schools and Libraries.

~ They’ll move on Halloween walk with

"The Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything”

~ “Shhmooooze?” - Is is a Ghost? A Goblin? Guess!

~Meet the witch who puts happy into Halloween. 

~Children get to listen, leap, then learn to tell the tale of the

"Halloween Haunted Hand!"

Ideal for children four to nine.  

$195. for a 45-minute performance program

virtual and interactive, 

with Live Musical Accompaniment. 

$295.  for the password to Jonathan's Treasure Trove of Trick or Treat Tales

Spooky Show - Younger Kids  4-7 years = The Haunted Hand, Happy Halloween Witch, Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid & The Shhmoooze!

Spookier Show - Older Kids 7- 10 years = Rolly-Head, The Ghost Bride of Applewood, Bony-Legs, Haunted Hand

Haunted History  - Middle School = "Legends of Legend of Sleepy Hollow" 

The Wailing Woman White, Major Andre’s Ghost,

and the Headless Horseman Origin Tale 

The Virtual Legend of Sleepy Hollow for grades 4 and up. $295. with live music, 



Ideal for Scouts Groups! Performed by an Eagle Scout/Storyteller



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