Explorers, Native, Colonial, Revolutionary, and Suffrage Stories 

Topical Tales of the Month for Fourth Graders

~ A monthly series of tales tailored to the fourth grade social studies curriculum-

Specially made by Jonathan Kruk, master storyteller,

M.A. educational theater,

known for "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,"

author of two History Press books on New York's lore,

who knows why the Hudson flows both ways. 

~ A lively interactive show followed up by a Q & A,   

~ The first Monday of each month 1:30 - 2:30pm.

~ Performances in period garb.

~ Live online on a safe platform. 

~ Story Guide provided. 

~ $125. One Show, for the whole fourth grade. 

~ $ 40. One Show, for one class

~ $900. All Nine Shows.


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October 5th - "Explorers of New York" -

Tales of Giovanni da Verrazzano, Adrian Block, and Henry Hudson

November 2nd -  "Native New Yorkers" 

 Mahicanituck - A Native creation myth of the Hudson

Siwanoy - a pearl as a prelude to the arrival of the Europeans.

A River Monster Warning from the Native Peoples for today.

December 7th - "The Holidays Bad & Good in Colonial New York" 

The Tragedy of Anne Hutchinson - a pioneer for religious and women's rights

Imps of Donderberg - Why skippers "tip their hats" to ghost-imps on the Hudson

Santa on the Hudson - The story of how colonial kids turned a dour old bishop into a right jolly old elf! 

January 5th - "Dutch Days - New Netherlands"


Minuet Buys Manhattan -1626 the true tale of the purchase of the island.

Anthony’s Nose - 1647 The storm of changes brought by Peter Stuyvesant

Orange to Red - 1664 How Dutch days ended and British ways began.

February 1st - "Good Old Colonie Days British Rule" 

Colonial life in New York tales - stories of farming, weaving, smithing, 

Body, Boots & Britches - Colonial words, New York phrases and idioms 

Authentic colonial songs to sing along with folk music historian Rich Bala

March 1st- "New York Sparks the Revolution"

The Story of Yankee Doodle 1755-1780- why it was written on the banks of the Hudson. How a bullying song become Americans "people's anthem."

A Pox Upon Us! – How George Washington dealt with smallpox helps us today. 

Rebel or Tory? 1775 -What side are you on? Seabury's or Hamilton's?


April 5th - "Revolution in New York!"  

The Tale of Two Georges 1776- When the Declaration of Independence was read in New York people rioted! 

Sybil's Revered Ride 1777 - The tale of the New York teen who outrode Paul Revere.  Everyone played a role in the Revolution. 

The Mystery of "Robert Shurtlieff" a surprising story of a Revolutionary fighter.

May 3rd - New York Battles -


The Turning Point of the Revolution - Oct 1777 The Battle of Saratoga

The Fort's Our Own! - July 1779 The Battle of Stony Point

Washington's Watch Chain 1778-81 - Chains across  hold the new nation together. 

Washington's Spectacles 1781 - George puts on glasses stopping a military coup.


June 7th - Fights for Rights!

Steal Away - Tale of New York's Underground Railroad

Women Vote - NY launches women's right to vote. 

The Virtual Legend of Sleepy Hollow! -

From The Old Dutch Church, Sleepy Hollow

Jonathan’s signature story live online

for schools and libraries

with live musical accompaniment

Student Q & A with Story Guide

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$290. per school or library.

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