First Grade – Sequence Stories 

Engage first grades with the magic of one, two, three!

Beginning, Middle, and End Stories.

Highly interactive fables and short folk tales told online with your student’s help. 


Story Samples 

Jonathan has many!  Ask for your favorite!

"Barkface & Rootnose" - an original fable 

Four trees, two fight, two make friends with lots of growing along the way. 

First graders get to make thunder, rain, caterpillars, clouds, and hand-branches! Plus, they discover how best to be their best in life. 

Online Learning Activity children drawing a sequence four pictures.  The first two show the how the "fighting trees" start and end.  The third and fourth drawings show how our "helping trees" start and end.


“Snowy Squirrel" - an original fable

A Squirrel looks to find a place to shelter-in during a snow storm. The birds, Raccoon and Bear have no room in their nest or dens.  Guess who helps?

Children draw and then make their own “Squirrel nest.”


– A variation of Aesop’s “Mouse & Lion” 


Mouse goes against animal peers and helps Lion, twice. Lion and children discover, “You are never too small to help.”  Children get to help tell and better remember the story by being guided to turn their hands into story characters. 


They’ll learn to sequence the fable in four drawings beginning, middle, and end with a describing sentence for each picture.


Other tales offered: Rabbit & Turtle, Fox & Crow, Three Billy-Goats, Pigs and Bears too! A Fly Went By, Leo Lioni's Swimmy, Big Fish Small Pond, Adventures of Anansi.  Have a favorite tale or topic you’d like your class to hear? Please Ask!