(for Squiggly Squirmers)

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A highly engaging "hands-on" performance & workshop program

for children Pre-K to grade 2.

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One 45 minute assembly performance = $400.              Each additional assemblies, up to three in one day =$225.

Five in-class visits - each class gets a performance, with children retelling, re-enacting and writing workshop = $525. 

What happens a master storyteller performs Finger Fables?  Squiggly squirmers are taken into the tale by hand.  They get to turn their fingers into racing rabbits, lions and turtles and bears. (Oh My!) 

“Finger Fables” engage children to listen, follow along, and have fabulous fun. They learn kinetically to actively listen, retell, and reenact.  Studies prove storytelling improves retention, reading and writing.    Selections span Aesop to Anansi, the original spiderman! Ask for a selection from Margaret Wise Brown, or Leo Leoni. Look to make friends with "Barkface and Rootnose!" 

Ideal for children three to eight. Pre-K - grade 2. 


The best way is to offer an assembly performance, followed by four thirty-minute story-making workshops.  Usually, four short interactive fables are performed.


Alternatively, schedule a day of five in-class visits. Each 45-minute visit offers, three performed fables the children will retell, and reenact. We’ll launch a pre-writing/drawing activity on the main idea or a "Beginning - Middle - End sequence. Children may make a story-ending picture to take home and share. 

Story Map, 1st grader, from a workshop
"Rabbit & Turtle"
Ask for a story-making workshop!