(for Squiggly Squirmers)


A highly engaging performance & workshop program for children Pre-K to grade 2.


$650 A day in residence.    $400 For one assembly performance, up to 175 students                    

$275 For additional assemblies, up to three in one day.

Drawing fables from Aesop to Anansi, and authors like Margaret Wise Brown, and Leo Leoni, this program enchants children from Pre-K to second grade.


The best way is to offer an assembly performance, followed by four 30-40 minute story-making workshops.  Usually, four short interactive fables are performed.


Alternatively, schedule a day of five in class visits. Each 45-minute visit offers,  two or three performed fables the children will retell, and reenact. We’ll launch a pre-writing/drawing activity on the main idea or sequence.

I offer many other fables! Please ask for ones to match your themes and interests.