Mythology: Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations 

Creation myths from the five

“cradles of civilization" 

Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, and the Olmec/Mayans.

Virtual and Live

Workshops guided by teacher artist Jonathan Kruk, M.A. Edu. showing students how use "Ingredients for making a myth" to begin writing their own creation story or hero journey.











$450 for one live assembly performance


$ 90 for each in-class Myth-Making workshop 

$200. one 45 min. Online live Performance, filmed

   $350.  Two shows.  Online Live Performances filmed

~ $75. for class workshops

~ $290. For a forty-minute professionally shot and edited  Teaching by Tales story/activity video. 


Jonathan the Ancient Bard with Sixth Gra

Did the earth begin with a dream, a yawn or a battle?  Who did people first fear and worship? What is the hero’s journey?  Your students will get answers to these grand questions listening to myths performed by Jonathan Kruk, your master storyteller. 

     Garbed in a tunic, with his sage’s stick,  "Jonathan the Bard" gives students a spirited performance of a series of creation myths from the ancient civilizations; Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China and Olmec/Mayan. 







Meet sixth-grade social studies curricular goals.

A fifty-minute assembly interactive performance,

add up to four myth-making workshops.

Myths to Muse: A Performance Guide


Goals & Activities:  

+ Students will experience the drama and influence of Greek mythology.

+They’ll better understand the story structure of the myths as sources of literature, theater, and film. 

+ Students learn to use a guide to write their own myth.

+ Students will enhance their listening skills, take part in the performance, some will step into a skit as a “Deity” and all will enjoy the drama.

Performance Program
(best when scheduled for 60 minutes)


- Opening Evocation of the Muses. 
- AESOP’s FABLE - “The Cartman & Heracles”
- STUDENT PANTHEON - Fifteen will students pose as the Immortals of Mt. Olympus in a skit - Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Persephone, Athena, Aries, Aphrodite, Hestia, Hephaestus, Hermes, Dionysus, Apollo, Artemis
 - Four MYTHS Told (Ask for your favorite!)
 - Q & A with the “Bard”


Possible Myths 


In the Beginning, Chaos yawned out Dark, Night and Bright Sky, then Taratus, Eros, Erebus, and Gaia.  Eros makes Gaia feel lonely, so she creates Uranus her first husband.  They give birth to the three cyclopic giants, the fifty-headed Hecatonchires, and the twelve Titans.                                

Cronus the boldest titan, drives away his father but swallows his children.  Zeus arrives, a battle ensues, leading to his conquering of the Titans and rule from Mount Olympus.


Retell the tale in your own words.  Describe the battle details.  Why did Zeus and the other Olympians win? Compare this story to the ancient Egyptian creation story. 

Athena’s Birth and the Naming of Athens -

Worried his next child will take over as he took over from his father, Zeus sticks his wife and unborn child in his head.  Athena cracks out and soon wins the contest to name Athens. There is a turn and talk on which god or goddess should win.

Using the Athens tale as a guide, create a new myth for the naming of your town.   

The Minotaur -

Theseus travels to Crete to stop evil King Minos from sacrificing more Athenians youth to his monstrous son, the Minotaur.  Theseus with help from Minos' daughter succeeds.

Create a new monster for Theseus and Ariadne to trick & defeat.

Prometheus Steals Fire -

The titan who sided with Zeus has second thoughts on the thunder god, when mankind gets neglected.  Prometheus steals some fire and pays the price!

Discuss what it means to have fire in your head and heart. 

Icarus - Daedelus and his son flee from Crete, but to be like the gods is too tempting for the adolescent Icarus. Alas, the poor lad gets his wings clipped by Helios.

Use “I knew an Icarus” as a story starter.  Think of a teenager today acting like Icarus.  

Peresphone & Hades -

Hades abducts Demeter's daughter, causing the goddess of the harvest to stop crops from growing.  Winter and Summer result in the solution.
Activity: Draw a series eight of pictures plotting this tale.  Interview Demeter and Hades about what they feel happened in this tale.  Who is right?

Mythic Monsters -

From the Chimera to Charybdis, Medusa to flaming Typhon 

Other Story Possibilities:  

Orpheus, A Labor of Hercules, Artemis & Apollo, Atalanta’s Race. Perseus & Andromeda, 

Please request your favorite myth.


Ask for myths found in the "Percy Jackson" series.