Mythology: Ancient Civilizations


$450 for one assembly performance


$100 for each Myth-Making workshops 


Ancient Civilizations:  Students are taken on a tour in myths the from the five major “cradles of civilization.” Egypt, Mestopotamia, India, China and the Olmec/Mayans.

Workshops: Guided by teacher artist Jonathan Kruk, M.A. Edu. students use "Ingredients for making a myth" to begin writing  their own creation story or hero journey.

Did the earth begin with a dream, a yawn or a battle?  Who did people first fear and worship? What is the hero’s journey?  Your students will get answers to these grand questions listening to myths performed by Jonathan Kruk, your master storyteller. 


Garbed in a tunic, with his sage’s stick,  "Jonathan the Bard" gives students a spirited performance of a series of creation myths from the ancient civilizations; Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China and Olmec/Mayan. 



A fifty-minute assembly interactive performance, with the option of adding up to four myth-making workshops, this program addresses sixth-grade curriculum but can be tailored to all.