Easter 2022


Dear Principals and Teachers, 


Hoping you had a joyous Easter! Time for renewal with storytelling.


Superintendent Coppotelli asked me to offer my performance/workshops live and in school.

I can help meet your goals over the next three months with interactive curricular-based storytelling programs. 

There are no planning sessions. Count on these performance/workshops to prompt learning activities,

and enchant your students into listening, writing, and learning.


Here’s how to book a program.

Look over the attached program list. Choose a topic for an assembly with two grades. Schedule three or four one-hour performances/workshops.

This includes time for storytelling, discussion, launching a follow-up activity, and my “recovery time” in-between presentations. 


Each performance/workshop enchants students with two to four interactive stories.  We pause to predict outcomes and to share favorite moments with turns and talks.  During in-person shows, some children may come on stage to help act out parts of stories. Your students will get started on a writing-based follow-up activity, you may complete with your class. 

Students learn a “Take Home Tale” to share with their families. 


Contact me directly with your request and proposed dates.

 jonathankruk@gmail.com    845.216.9087



Storytelling Performance/ Workshops

Programs for PreK to 12th Grade


1) Magic of Three Bears, Billies & Piggies - Prek - 1

“Three” makes story magic for young children.  They’ll get to help tell each of these classics with their hands, faces, and voices.

Engaged three ways, they learn to listen.  They’ll better comprehend by retelling or re-enacting their favorite parts.  

The children get help drawing three big moments of the Bears, Billie Goats, or Pigs! 


2) Animals Lost & Found - Pre K - 1

Children turn their hands into animal characters to follow along with “The Sunny-Time Bunny,” an adventure based on a Margaret Wise Brown book. ”

Next, they help a little girl guess what animal could be the “purrfect’ pet. Sound effects and gestures help them identify animals and follow the tale.

We discover too how to stop losing things with “Little Bear’s Dancing Pants.”  

They’ll draw a picture of their favorite part of each story to make a “Take Home Tale" to share with their families. 


3) Why Tales?  Grades 1 - 3

Ever since children have asked why, there have been stories made up to answer, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. 

Your students will listen to two or three “Porques?” or “Why?” Tales.  Why is the Sky so Far?  Why Do Dogs Bark and Cats Meow?

Why Does Spider Have Crooked Legs? Why is Rabbit on the Moon? Why Does Rhino Have Rough Skin? What will your Why tale be?


4) Fairy Tales Found in Films - Grade 6 - 12

Many movies your students will know came from fairy tales.  They will listen to the original story, then compare it to the movie. 

Tales may include; Maleficent (Sleepy Beauty )Snow White, The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen (Frozen) Beauty and the Beast,

Rapunzel, (Tangled)  The Puss in Boots, Beauty, and the Beast They will learn to write a review of the fairy tale and film. 


5) Around the World in Seven Stories Grades 2-8

Let folklore teach students about varied cultures. A country’s lore reveals its geography, animals, plants, people, and values. 

They’ll be rapt by tales from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.  Ask for a tale from a country, or culture in your curriculum. 















6) Revolution Comes to  New York - Grades 4 - 12

What would you be a Tory or Rebel? Do you want “mob rule?”  Would you call “no taxation without representation? 

Students listen to points of view on the American Revolution. They vicariously experience what happened when the

Declaration of Independence was read in Manhattan.  Rebels “tore down King George” on the Bowling Green!  

These historic fiction tales move students to write a letter stating their take on reveling against the king! 


7) Revolutionary Women Grades 4 - 12

The fight for American Independence took more than rich white men to win.  Women took on dangers during the struggle. 

They’ll meet the New York teen who outrode Paul Revere.  We do a story skit showing how “Molly Pitchers” could fire a cannon. 

The final tale reveals the mystery of who was Deborah Sampson. 

Students retell in a letter to one of these brave revolutionary women.


8) Washington Tales - Grades 4 - 12

Students get the stories of what George Washington did to become the “father of our country.” 

He lost his temper in Harlem, was surprised attacked on Christmas, inoculated his soldiers in a pandemic,

and made a spectacle of himself to prevent a military coup.  Remarkable tales!  

Students will write a letter sharing what they felt was Washington’s finest moment. 


9) Myth! -  grades 6 -12

Egypt, Greek, or Norse?  Your storyteller becomes a robed visiting bard to enchant students with gripping myths. 

They’ll discover Ra the Sun god, thundering Zeus, Odin the one-eyed wise, and the pantheons Christianity superseded. 

Ask for myths you’d like students to hear.  Students will get help writing their own myths. 


10) Medieval Manoirs & Manners - grades 6 -12

Garbed in a cotehardie “Jonathan the Troubadour” on stage with backdrops and costume caps, your storyteller gets students to step into medieval times. 

They learn about the feudal system in an interactive story.  They practice feasting manners, knight a knight, enter a guild, catch a unicorn and sing in medieval English.  It is a 75-minute adventure Ito the Middle Ages. 


11) Renaissance - 

Jonathan the Troubadour introduces students to the Renaissance through interactive stories and skits.  They’ll see what triggered the great revival, and get introduced to Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Galileo.  They will step into skits on inventions like the telescope, the printing press, and the flying buttress. Ask for a topic.  I’ll have a tale. 


12) Parables of Jesus - grades K - 12 

Jesus told 38 parables.  Engage your students with parables retold by your storyteller.  Sower of Seeds, Jesus at the Temple, The Good Samaritan, Peter Fishes for Souls, The Prodigal Son, Lazarus, Mary Magdalene, Blind Bartimaeus, and the Birds of the Field.


Other storytelling topics are; tales from Central America, Dragon Tales, Cinderella from Around the World, Tall Tales, and your choice. Please ask for “Bespoke Stories” tales tailored to your class, grade, or curricular theme. 


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