Jonathan Kruk has a way with the spoken word,

the telling gesture, the sprinkling of humor,

and the appropriate costume for a smorgasbord of stories.

The New York Times


BOCES Qualified, M.A. Educational Theater

Solo Shows - "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" & "A Christmas Carol"


Featured on The Today Show,  CBS Sunday Morning,

 ABC Good Morning America, 

Al-Jazeera America, The O'Reilly Factor,

BBC - Great American Railway Journeys, 

National Geographic Channel

 "Travel Channel Mysteries at The Museum" 

Interactive Storytelling Programs,  Schools, Libraries, Historic Sites, Summer Camps, Scouts & Festivals
live in person and virtual shows.


Mr. Kruk’s performance is so colorful and

stimulating, it makes you come alive.  

He is a fantastic storyteller!  

Your imagination tingles.  

Child or adult, you become completely captivated as he uses his body, voice/ sound effects, and hands to make his characters practically appear in front of your eyes.

Juani Tantillo, Tuscan School PTA, Maplewood NJ

 ... Phenomenal! 

   I could have listened to him                over and over.

             ... very inspirational.

 Greater Hudson River Heritage        Network Conference 2016